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About Us

Our Story

We are a small IT company servicing this industry for over 20 years. Let our Testimonials prove our worth see our google customer reviews in additions, you will have access to our clients which can provide you the necessary reference of our work ethics, integratory and workmanship.  Todays computer repair and support has taken a different swing as technology get better and our upbringing are smarter with resolving issues due to the information technology highway. Therefore, our approach to maintaining a high demand for our services has taken a different road. Our company provide a referral structure not any kind of referral but one that pays for your services that we provide to you, the customer. Our selective technicians love this structure as it provides them a way to give back to society. Find out what we are about by setting a first-time free consultation so you can get to know us better and we also get to know your needs, before we work with you. Remember our goal is to have a long-term relationship with you. So, what is stopping you from making that call today.

We are driven by values

Believe it or not we listen to our customers and provide an honest recommendation, they say honesty is the best policy we highly believe in this.  We are all concern for our personal data an information that can get into the wrong hands. Data theft is the number one concerns so  I the owner would like to say that one can only be educated on how to protect themselves, this is why we have a free consultation so you can get to know what we are about and what we can do for you.  Here is a simple example of request, spill on your hardware causing your system not to function which leads to a devastating data recovery due to not having a backup. It can surely happen to anyone.  But apart from that we do offer services like upgrades and hard ware replacement which is fading away due to cost of technology today. So, we are face to providing the most cost-effective and honest way to keep all of the above in tac, so your daily life can be stress free..

Super Efficient

Our experience provide the necessary efficiency to can make a difference to solving most technical issues, however being trusting with our challanges is what keep us in business. Most Issues are resolve in a timely mannor but in the end we are able to resolve most customers issues. Making our clients more productive.

Deeply Committed

Commentment is a major focus for our business clients and personal customers, we will provide professional services by respecting the core values of our customers need and communication with our Technicians.

Highly Skilled

Our Technical Staff are certified and experience in all aspect of these support services for Mac, PC, Mobile, Web Design and Server.